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Why an Actor Website?

Why An Actor website?

Maybe it’s just me but I am surprised that Actors are still asking me about whether or

not they need a website. C’mon people, this is 2021 (last time I checked) and we need to

get it together! YES! You need a website. It is just as important as your picture, resume

and tap shoes. OK, the tap shoes are optional. So let’s have this conversation and

answer the question, “Why an Actor Website” On this episode of Casting Actors Cast,

the podcast video or podio for actors!

Here are the 5 reasons you need a website

1. A central location for all your performance media (social/Video/blog)

2. An easy way to contact you (if you have a searchable name dot com)

3. A resource for finding out more about you

4. A website is a statement about you as a professional in the business

5. Promotional/branding gold for you to get the word out about your career

5 Things not to include on your website

1. Old pictures or resumes

2. Auditions that you submitted for jobs

3. Production stills that are not really excellent

4. Personal information that is not profession related

5. “Fan” style blogs or social media cross links (blog/instagram/youtube videos)

5 Things that are needed on your website

1) Clean, professional not overly produced graphic styles

2) Current information for contacting or connecting with you (social/email)

3) If blogging, make it current

4) Demo reels (Acting, Voice over, Modeling, singing, etc.) That are easy to navigate

5) .pdf of your resume that is an easy click.

I think we can all agree that the website is an important tool for

casting/representation/producers to get in touch and learn more about you.

Take the time to do it right and you will be ready for the next right opportunity

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