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Your Stinking Thinking

Your Stinking Thinking

When was the last time? You did something nice just for you? Really. Something that didn't require another person place or thing? When was the last time you felt good about your talent? When was the last time you felt you were on the right career track? For many of us, our pattern of thinking is often negative. That's what I call “stinking thinking”. Yes, I know, I love alliteration. The thoughts you have can be especially hurtful and damaging during this challenging time. I know, hearing the phrase “challenging time” makes us want to roll our eyes. But let's just take a moment and look at how we can address our stinking thinking so that it can turn into positive perceptions, on today's episode of Casting Actors Cast.

· What we tell ourselves can have harmful future consequences

First thought getting up in the morning

Our inner monologue when we are with other people

Mean things we say to ourselves

· Subtle signs and messages can get wrongfully interpreted

What others think of us

How we deal with conflict

Avoidance of new patterns

· Our acting career advisor (us) can lead us toward bad decisions

Example: Sharing problems on social media

Example: Seeking immediate gratification rather than career development

Example: Not changing the pattern because we like the status quo

· What are the small changes that can lead to a new outlook?

Get up the same time every day

Make a list of short- and long-term career projects to accomplish (P/R, Classes)

Connect with another (advisor, friend, group) NOT on social media

· Plant the seed and don’t expect immediate results

Make a decision but do not project the outcome (audition/class prep/career choices)

Start to write your one-person show

Perfect your self-tape presentations

Our perceptions about who we are can lead us into a wall too hard to climb. Stinking thinking can become positive perceptions with small steps, a big heart and willingness to embrace who we are now. In the present moment, and in each subsequent moment. Because our creativity and our talent deserve it.

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