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Your Acting Comeback

Your Acting Comeback

Air Date: October 6, 2022

Are you an actor who has been away for a while? Are you thinking of jumping back in? Are you fearful that the profession has changed. Perhaps changed too much for you to make a go of it? Never fear. Today’s episode is all about checking your fear at the door and jumping back into the acting talent pool. If you are contemplating getting back into acting, this episode will help you overcome those fears and turn them into an acting re-boot return to acting! This is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a casting director!

First, acting is an ageless profession-Characters are being written for all ages, demographics, races and backgrounds.

Second, Even though logistics might be different, acting is still acting.

Third, If not now, when? Have a plan. Think it through

Fourth, embrace confidence building tasks…Classes…workshops…performing groups.

Fifth, Re-evaluate your tools (pics/Resume/self-tape/your availability, etc.)

Sixth, Have a launch date (friends, professionals, industry folks using social media, email and snail mail).

Seventh, Do not feel the need to explain unless asked.

Eight, Make it a fun research project to become current with industry trends

Nine, Move at a steady pace and do not rush the journey (desperation never works)

Ten, Stay excited.

If you can manage expectations and follow these suggestions then there is no reason why the transition back into acting can’t be exciting and rewarding. It is only when we allow ourselves to become disillusioned or squeamish do we allow defeat to creep in. Find what works for you and jump in…the water’s fine!

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