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You Got a Callback, Now What?

Air Date: 2/10/2022

You Got a Callback, Now What?

It is really exciting when you get an audition appointment as an actor. It validates you in many ways; acknowledgement about your talent for one. Next, the excitement grows when you get the callback! It can represent a potential booking, advancement of your career, an opportunity to perform. What could be better! Sometimes, however, the callback can be terrifying. As you get closer to your callback, you put yourself under even more pressure to succeed. Yikes! Finding a professional approach to the callback is the answer. Casting Actors Cast to the rescue. This is the episode you’ve been asking for….

Common callback mistakes made by actors

1. Believe there is more that needs to be done

2. Overly excited about the possibility

3. Heightened nervousness

4. Not remembering what you did in the original audition

Tips to help an actor in the callback

1. Invest time in the new material you might be given

2. Recall the choices you made in the first round

3. Work with a coach/teacher/fellow actor to instill confidence

What actually happens during a callback

1. Need to see the first audition again

2. Remind the team why we brought you back (in acting and in personality)

3. Add adjustments to the role for technique/collaboration characteristics

What to do after a callback

1. Write thank-you notes to the entire team

2. Report to you agent without emotionalizing what happened

3. Have something in place to do AFTER the audition

Professional structure in place to help future callbacks

1. Remember that this is and will be a major part of the profession from now on

2. Success is the callback NOT the booking

3. Focus on the next best thing for you.

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