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So, You Want To Be An Actor?

So, You want to be an Actor?

Air Date: August 25, 2022

Occasionally, I receive an email or reply from the website form saying something

like the following. “I want to be an actor because it is what I’ve always dreamed of.” Then, the writer of this letter adds, “but I do not know how to start and there are no opportunities where I’m from”. When I get this kind of correspondence, my first reaction is sadness for the author. Somehow, they feel stuck or uninspired to find a way to act on their dreams (pun intended). This episode is for everyone who has a dream but finds it hard to embrace the reality that acting as a profession takes hard work, determination, creativity, and support from others. Having the dream is great. Turning the dream into positive motivational steps is the best way to make the dream a reality. So, you want to be an actor? Find out how on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Actors Connection LIVE-Back to school broadcast on September 8th at 4:30 pm-Facebook/Zoom channel of Actors Connection

Questions to ask yourself

· When was the first time you knew you wanted to act? What Happened?

· What type of performance to you admire most? Stage, Screen, Musical’s, dramas? Comedies? Why?

· What are the options (where you live) for training/classes/workshops-Community theatre, community colleges, high school, drama clubs?

· If there are no local options, then what online research can you/have you done for yourself?

· What TV/Film/Performances have you seen recently that got you excited? Why?

· Why do you want to be an actor? Performing/fame/playing other people/creative outlet-expression?

· How willing are you to make this commitment?

· What support do you have in place for your plan?

· What is your backup plan?

· What are the skills you need the most for becoming an actor? (Movement/voice/script analysis?

· What resources do you have to draw on? (Financial, emotional, professional)

· Do you have a plan? If not, why not

Why are these questions important?

· Motivation for an acting career must come from within in an emotional and intellectual way. It’s not enough to want something if you do not have a plan.

· Projecting how you might fit into the industry can clarify the strategy and set goals

No successful acting career was ever accomplished alone. Resources and support (financial and emotional) make all the difference. So, you want to be an actor

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