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Representation Regrets

#269-Representation regrets

Air Date: 6/29/2023

I hear this quite frequently, “I like my agent, but they are not sending me

out much” or “My agent doesn’t see me the way I see me” or “I’m afraid of

pissing my manager off because they aren’t pushing me enough and I’m

pissed about it!”. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you are looking for any

representation or new representation. Today, I will weigh-in and offer my

best advice on this episode called, representation regrets. I’m Jeffrey

Dreisbach and this is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a

casting director!

Common questions: uncommon answers:

Q. Why am I not being “sent out” on auditions as much as I like?

A. Available parts vs agent limitations vs talent perceptions

Q. Is it better to have one agent that sees me as one “type” or free lance?

A. Your brand must be compatible with your rep or new potential rep

Q. I am not sure where I stand with my agent, what do I do?

A. Professionalism and communications are your responsibility

Q. What ways can I stop myself from getting upset with my agent?

A. Create your own career plan with less reliance on your rep.

Q. I need an agent/manager, how do I get one?

A. Research/connect/collaborate/free-lance/sign

Q. Should I sign?

A. Are their good signs to sign? How does it benefit you?

Q. What do I do if I am dropped by my agent manager?

A. Don’t panic/let others know/know that it is this is temporary

Q. When is it time to leave my agent?

A. Trust your gut/ it is business and personal; understand the

implications. What is best for you may not be best for them.

There are never any perfect answers to these complicated questions.

Having as much information as you can is good business. Our talent is

precious, special, and unique. Our business is not who we are but what we

do to promote our talent.

Jeffrey Dreisbach~

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