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Plan, Prepare, Perform

Plan, prepare, perform

Air Date: August 11, 2022

So, the dog days of summer are upon us. It’s had to get motivated much less excited about your

acting career goals. I get it. Finding the best next career step is so much harder with

temperatures hitting 100 degrees. Getting through the day is a challenge let alone thinking

about what you have lined up for the fall, right? OK. Listen up. Now is the best time to plan.

Now is the best time to prepare. There is no time like the present to perform. Find out how to

do all three on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

How to Plan:

1) Make an assessment as to where you are now vs where you would like to be next

2) Use your imagination to project the next best thing for your career (dream big)

3) List the issues that are associated with the projections you create (balance the big picture)

4) Write down the plan (must be in writing!)

How to Prepare:

1) Take the list and write a paragraph about methods you will use for each item on the list

2) Add projected dates for the items that make sense and fit into your current situation

3) Include the negatives into your preparation (money, time, potential pitfalls)

4) Give yourself time to evaluate the preparation and set a date to implement (begin) the plan

How to Perform

1) Don’t overthink or rationalize. Just move into the right headspace for the plan

2) Stay open to alternative plans and deviations

3) Embrace each item of the plan as a significant movement toward the goals

4) Remember that as plans change, rinse and repeat: Plan, Prepare, Perform

Real world examples of “PPP”

“I am going to get an agent/manager to represent me”

“I will investigate the upcoming theatre seasons at a theatre that I want to work at”

“I will get an audition with a casting director who casts film and television”

“I am looking for a new acting teacher for the Fall”

No matter what you choose to use as a significant career goal, using the three “P”s will accelerate your achievement of that goal. Most of the time, your choices are driven by emotions and fantasy. That’s because you are a creative being. It makes perfect sense. But now, with these new tools, you can alter the dream of being an actor into the reality of what an actor needs to do. Plan, prepare perform!

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