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Perfect Pitch

Air Date: 12/21/2023

Perfect Pitch


Of all the tools actors can draw upon when working on playing a role, the voice is possibly the least thought of yet most valuable. Sure, we all remember our vocal training and maybe even our singing lessons as being a core component of our education. But many times this is thought of as foundational and not part of our professional journey quite as much as, say, other tools in our acting arsenal. Of course, if you are a singer, this is not the case. Your voice is your money maker and therefore garners a lot of your attention. What I’m talking about is using the pitch of your voice as a way to accentuate the character choices for an acting role. Perfect pitch on this episode of Casting actors cast!


·       Gear changes and 4 “P’s

·       New thought means shifting the energy including pitch

·       Vocal pitch contributes to the character’s intension and actor’s uniqueness


Ways to work on vocal variety including pitch:

1.    Square breathing

2.    Low to high/High to low

3.    Loud to soft/soft to loud

4.    Trying different choices with scripted material (expand vocal range & emotional intent)

Methods for using vocal pitch:

1.    New thought/new pitch

2.    Emotional expression

3.    Character driven (affect)

Issues when thinking of your vocal pitch

1.    Must be connected to the truth of the scene and truth of the moment

2.    Never hurt your voice when working on the pitch

3.    Should not be arbitrary nor something that draws attention to itself (unless…)

The purpose of having “Perfect pitch”:

1.    Provides a different facet to discover your character

2.    Is especially useful for stretching your vocal range

3.    Contributes to the mood and energy of the scene

Part of your creative journey is to re-discover tools that can provide additional insight and interest in any character you are playing. Next time you feel stuck or challenged by a scene or audition, thinking about the perfect pitch might just be the answer you are listening for.


Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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