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Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Air Date: November 10, 2022

Why do we do it? Really? Why do we subject ourselves to the loud debate going on in our heads over every decision when it comes to our acting careers. We make decisions every day. Maybe hundreds of times. Yet, when it comes to our acting careers, we spend an inordinate amount of time evaluation every option to the point of exhaustion. What do I mean? Take the questions actors have about finding agents. Who is the best one for you? Are they interested in working with me? How should I approach them? What if it doesn’t work out? When will I make the connection? And the voices in our head go on and on…And it’s not just about agents. It seems to happen to just about every aspect of our acting careers. The fear of making a mistake is more painful than the decision. My answer? Just show up! Today’s episode is all about keeping it simple and just showing up.

Ways to keep your acting career decisions simple

· Prescribe a set amount of time for the pros and cons

· Stop overthinking by asking only 3 “w” questions. What, When and Why

· Outsource the question with resources

· Trust your gut-Not enough credit is given to this useful tool

Ways to just show up (to your acting career)

· Decide what you have control over vs what you don’t

· Not deciding is also a choice that might make sense

· Stop reflecting on the “fantasy” possibilities

· Stay reasonable with the thought…A goes to B etc.

Career habits that make sense

1. Limit the issues to asking one question

2. A contingency plan is just that…just in case your first choice doesn’t work out

3. Remain open to your projection not working out. It is not a failure but another branch to jump onto

4. Just show up. No matter what

Sometimes the bigger picture is a better way to view your acting career. Long term strategy is often better than short term wins. When you give yourself permission to keep it simple and just show up, you are moving into a place where you will see a healthier version of yourself take hold and flourish.

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