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It's All Greek To Me

It’s All Greek to Me

Air Date: February 2, 2023

An ancient Greek proverb states that, “Fortune favors the young”. Although this may seem harsh to those of us that might not fit into the “youthful” category, certain aspects of this phrase make sense. For example, finding representation in the form of an agent or manager early on in a career means better odds for success. In this episode I’ll make the case that the best thing you can do is have proper representation. I’ll break down the myths, issues and benefits so that you won’t be able to say, it’s all Greek to me!

· Agents/managers attend showcases and performances (if you are in a college conservatory training)

· Agents and managers have reputations just like actors and Casting Directors do

· Agents and managers are always looking for talent who can bring them success

· Agents and managers prefer clients that take initiative when it comes to their career

· Agents and managers have dynamic relationships with Casting/Producers/studios

· Agents are different than managers-size and focus are two big issues

· Managers manage carers agents represent actors for jobs

Now that you have a better understanding of the actor/representative relationship, here are some ways to make it happen

· It’s a marathon not a race

· Do your research, make a list, understand the “players” involved

· Ask yourself, what is the best way I would want to be approached, then do that

· Are there any casting directors, actor friends, directors who can recommend an agent?

· What are your needs/interests and is there an agency that can fit into that sphere?

· Work begets work

Some things you may not know about representation

· Agents 10%, Managers 15%

· Reps prefer actors who are available immediately and respond quickly to requests

· Reps like actors who know how to network and hustle for themselves

Make it your mission to discover where your fortune lies. Whether you’re are young or young to the business, being connected to an agent or manager can make all the difference.

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