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BLOOM WITH ZOOM Auditions and classes on the Zoom platform

Jeff’s Jots

Air Date 05-28-2020


Auditions and classes on the Zoom platform have their own set of issues for actors. As we continue to grow our talent in this quarantine world, it is best to know how to use the platform in a way that can enhance our work not diminish it! Let's bloom with Zoom on today's episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Now, along those same issues, lets talk about classes and audition on Zoom.

During many Zoom classes and auditions that I have been conducting over the past three months, I've noticed some common issues that actors need to know about. Now, you might think that there is not much to an audition or presentation using this technology but if you take a moment to really analyze it, there is a lot to think about. So, let's chat about some common issues and how to deal with them! 1. Technical issues




Shot frame-Headroom-waste/shoulder up fill the frame camera placement

2. Acting issues

Misplaced Focus (on the other character)

Presentational performing (watching yourself)

Not using the other character (Empathy for the other character shows you off more)

Not being present/real/active

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