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3 Keys to Confidence

3 Keys to confidence

OK. You’ve heard me say that the confident actor is the actor that gets the gig. I do not mean being cocky or full of yourself but rather the actor that understands the value of a positive self-image. One that communicates the subtext, “I can’t wait to show you how I am going to play this role”. But what if you’re not feeling so confident about yourself. Self-doubt can be a lonely place and over time, can undermine your confidence and ultimately affect your career path. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. In this episode of Casting Actors Cast as I give you the 3 keys to confidence. These keys will open the door to a better, smarter, positive approach to your acting and your acting career. I’m Jeffrey Dreisbach and this is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a casting director!

Jeff’s Introduction

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3 Keys to confidence:

A) Things to understand first:

1) We are not born with confidence

2) We value humility over success

3) It takes effort to build a confidence foundation

B) Actor confidence is not the following

1) False claims of success

2) My work is better than anyone else’s (Competition)

3) Another actor mask you are wearing

C) Key #1 Embrace your present self by acknowledgement of gratitude (affirmation)

1) You are alive, breathing, thinking and creative

2) Acceptance of where you are in the world

3) Trust your training and your personal story of accomplishment

D) Key #2 Project a positive outcome

1) Visualization

2) Opportunity to perform is why you are an actor

3) Turn down the negative voices in your head

E) Key #3 Rethink your definition of success

1) A booking is a culmination of preparation and opportunity

2) Not getting the job does not mean lack of success

3) Ask yourself what was the lesson you were supposed to learn

Understand that what we tell ourselves can have a major impact on our choices. Choosing confidence is the best way to move through the challenges of being an actor and ultimately loving the life you are living; One of creativity, inventiveness, an identity that is truly unique.

Jeff’s Jots

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