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Working With a Partner

#273 Working With a Partner

Air Date: 8/24/2023

Whether it’s a class, a chemistry read or on the set, working with a partner can sometimes be fraught with challenges

(fraught! Who talks like that?). Being a team player and good sport may not always be the most useful approach for you or your partner, for that matter. I don’t mean to imply that you should be difficult to work with. Not at all. There are ways you can make amazing discoveries and rewarding outcomes with your acting and an acting partner while working together. Working with a partner, on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Here are some ways to initiate a professional partner relationship

1. Have an open discussion about the scene (no “actor talk”)

2. Ask what would be useful for your partner from you

3. Keep the discussions friendly and professional

4. Request permission to touch or ANY physical contact

5. Refrain from “directing” the scene

6. Demonstrate good listening by asking questions

7. Make sure you communicate the rehearsal work being different than the audition/performance work

8. Refrain from internal judgements/critiques about your partner

9. If the experience is enjoyable, say so

10. Assume that your partner is on the same page as you because they are

Many times, I’ve seen an actor’s nervousness be perceived as controlling or forceful which can lead to an unfortunate experience. Assume your partner is feeling the same way as you. Your choices are yours and must include the choices your partner makes. It may feel contrary to your interpretation but the fun part of the experience is when you make strong choices based in the moment with a partner who is sharing themselves as much as you.

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD

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