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What's My Motivation?

Air Date: 1/27/2022

“What’s My Motivation?”

The story goes something like this. The actor, frustrated that they are not how a moment in a scene should be played, asks the director, “So what’s my motivation?”, to which, the director replies, “Your paycheck!”. Making a decision about how to motivate yourself in an acting career is no different. If you decide to always question your choices, then you just might find yourself stuck with no forward movement. Sometimes the best choices are ones that do not require conditions attached but ones that just make sense for you in the moment. Motivation, in a scene or in your career, let’s find out how to make the best choices. All happening in this episode of Casting Actors Cast.

1. Acting choices that make sense

a. Connecting the character to your own experience-You are unique

b. Relating to the other character(s) by listening/reacting

c. Embrace being spontaneous (not pre-planned outcomes)

2. Acting career choices that make sense

a. Make a plan of action

b. Decide on goals that are right for you today

c. Refrain from over-thinking those choices as you move forward

3. Ways to stay motivated with your acting and your career

a. 3 things a day rule

b. Decide that you are exactly where you need to be for today

c. Loose FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

Being motivated is often a challenge. We decide to move forward only when all the right conditions are met. Changing our outlook means that we might need to stop rationalizing and just start with a plan. Plans change. That’s OK. Remember that your motivation might just be as simple as getting your paycheck!

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