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The Elephant in the Room

Air Date: 2/3/2022

The Elephant in the Room

We have shared hundreds of podios (podcast videos) on how to have a successful acting career. We’ve talked about acting techniques, business practices, creative mindsets, even how to self-tape your auditions. Yet, there is an elephant in the room. Something large and imposing that needs to be dealt with. Just like an elephant, it’s not scary but rather it’s very existence can influence an affect us in big ways we never thought possible. How’s that for a tease? Please find out what the elephant in the room is all about, on this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors.

What does “An elephant in the room mean”?

1. Something so obvious yet does not get attention

2. The real reason for what is happening

3. Avoidance of reality

When it comes to your acting goals, the elephant in the room is YOU! We really believe that external circumstances are limiting us. Covid, lack of real opportunities, challenging relationships are all responsible for where we are right now. Of course you should not beat yourself up over your situation. Everything happens for a reason, after all. But addressing the reality of where you see yourself is embracing your reality so you can move forward with your plan. Here’s how:

1. Reasonable, realistic goals

2. Change your routine to challenge the status quo

3. Have a plan in writing (a checklist) of what you need to do this week, month, year

4. Stick to the plan OR rewrite the plan to suit the new situation

5. Try something new or something spontaneous (New class, Improve, therapy)

Self-evaluation does not have to be painful or become a frustrating exercise. For example, don’t call yourself an elephant for starters! Use your creative imagination to plan what you consider the next right acting career move to make. This is a fun task. See yourself in the near future making the best choices for you.

We have been through so much these past few years. The great news is that as a creative person, you can embrace a realistic, fantastic idea of what you want for your future. Dream big.

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