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The Actor Factor

The Actor Factor

Air Date: December 8, 2022

I don’t think we understand what is involved when we decide to become an actor.

Driven by our rich, creative imagination and a desire for opportunities to act, oftentimes, we lose sight of what being an actor actually means. We shouldn’t let our dreams of being an actor preclude us from understanding those difficult things that need to be addresses. The stresses and unknown variables that can exist, usually paly no part in our dreams. Today, we’ll discuss the bigger picture when choosing to be an actor and hopefully, appreciate the actor factor. This is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast and videos for actors…from a casting director.

Here are some things to embrace and appreciate as an actor:

· No one has forced us to become an actor, we do so by choice and desire

· The most successful actors have a full and rich personal life

· The best actors keep the business separate from the business of acting

· Surrounding your talent with structure THEN creativity is the best priority to have

· No one is successful on their own

· You are not competing with anyone

· An audition is not an event

· Trust your training

· Genuine interest in others is always the best dynamic for an actor

· Your uniqueness will book you acting work, not your “sameness”

· Looking for opportunities should be less emotional and more analytical

· Being uncomfortable (auditions, networking, new environments) is normal

· Everything you do, on a daily basis, is material you will use in your acting

· The joy of performing is unlike any other experience you will have

· Even when things seem negative and difficult, your creativity will not diminish

I don’t have to tell you that being an actor has many challenges and painful moments. It does. But somehow, the pain you may be feeling often pale in comparison to how you would feel if you didn’t act. When you think about whare you are and where you want to be, there is no value in beating yourself up. Actually, it is a much better choice to appreciate the actor factor and use the bigger picture to move you forward

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