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Strike Back!

Air Date: February 22, 2024

            So, every task we take on has its own set of challenges. We know this. Everything worth doing contains the “what if’s”. “What if It doesn’t happen? (the role you’ve auditioned for)”, “What if I can’t find the time? (start auditions again)”, What if it doesn’t work out? (finding a new agent)”. It is built into the actor’s DNA to “what if” just about every career issue. It can really affect us, for better or worse. Right now, we are paralyzed with what to do now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. It prevents us from even thinking about the “what ifs”. Well, to that I can only say, “Lets Strike back!” Let’s find ways to keep ourselves ready so when external opportunities present themselves (and they will) we will be ready. Here are some steps to re-kindle our acting goals.


·       Relaunch your career strategy by writing down new goals.

There is something really helpful when we write it down. We get it out of our heads and out into the universe. This action renews our career commitment.

·       Understand what you have control over and what you don’t.

I can’t tell you how many times I seem to put energy into something I cannot change. I CAN change the way I think about my plan but cannot control the outcome of that plan. This is a crazy important step for getting back to work.

·       Take advantage of the return-to-work energy to make new connections.

Move forward with networking strategies and communications within the industry. Just because folks are getting back to work doesn’t mean you are less useful to those same folks.

·       Be leery of taking a “wait and see” approach. We are often too sensitive to the needs of others. “I don’t want to bother them now…they are too busy getting back”. If this sounds familiar, rethink it. You are equally entitled to being in consideration as anyone.

·       Try something new (class, hobby, skill). This is a wonderful way to get into the re-set headspace after the strike. Finding something that can get your creative self into a healthy place is a blessing. Everyone is exhausted because of the emotional toll the strike has played on all of us. It is up to us to effectuate the change we need.

·       Find a mentor/be a mentor. I find the greatest satisfaction when I can impart some advice that changes a person’s perspective with a successful outcome. Helping others or allowing others to help and support you is a gift. I have never seen a successful career happen for an actor without a support network. This is an amazing time to connect with someone who can help you or you can help.

·       Read new scripts. OK. So, this is a simple yet practical tip which will strengthen your commitment to your career plan. There are tons of new scripted material that have been written during the strike. I am sure many of the new scripts being written will reflect what we’ve been through either literally or metaphorically. Why not be at the beginning of this transformation by reading and seeing how you fit into this new paradigm. Preparing yourself is a great confidence builder.

·       Trust that the time you put into self will not be wasted time.  Everything you undertake or plan is never wasted. Every personal interaction can contribute, in some way, to your acting vocabulary and personal experience. Making the most of your post-strike “re-set” will invariably contribute to realizing your career goals. For sure.


Our office is back to work full force. Several feature films are now ready to begin

casting. Many of our theatres are gearing up to put on larger scale productions.

This is truly a gift for us. We are excited at the prospects for actors as well. The

scripted material we are working with is the best work I’ve read in a very log

time. We, of course, were very concerned when the strike was first announced.

Our understanding of the challenges and obstacles facing actors became our

issues as well. Casting Directors have an obligation and commitment to knowing

the talent pool and to find the right talent for the vision of the project. When

that process is hampered or when there is inequity amongst our ranks, everyone

is adversely affected. We’ve learned that positivity and focused energy

eventually aways wind.


              The energy you put into the universe is reflected to you in the form of        choices/decisions and consequences. When you can objectively view your  situation and surround it with positive, “what if’s” you are setting a pattern of               success in your acting and acting career. The creative mind will only become r           receptive to possibilities when you are in the right place to receive them. That’s      what “Strike back” means. Not walking back but getting back into it with full             knowledge and awareness that everything is temporary, and change is        inevitable. There is no reason to remain in our current state because it will     change course when and if we change directions.

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

Jeff continues to cast with McCorkle Casting LTD on numerous productions for theatre film and

Television. Additionally, his podcast, “Casting Actors Cast” has reached 105 thousand downloads and

can be found on any podcast provider. He is the author of, “Conversation Pieces out of the Studio” a

voice-over workshop in book form and found on Amazon books or wherever books are sold.

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