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Stop Performing Start Conversing!

Air Date: 3/31/2022

Stop Performing Start Conversing!

After watching countless auditions on zoom and on self-tape, I've come to the realization that most actors are giving a performance. What I me

an is, many times, I want to say to the actor,

“it is not a performance, it’s a conversation. Just talk”. I guess the question you might have now is, just how do you do that? In this episode of casting actors cast, I will breakdown the process so

you can stop performing and start conversing with your acting.

Personal story about the value of this lesson

Problem (acting as a performance)/Solution (shift into having a conversation)

1. Feels external and not organic/telling the truth

2. Provides less information about your unique self/exposes your natural reaction to circumstances

3. Exposes the inherent problem with technology/keeps us interested and empathic

Ways to prepare for the conversational acting style

1. Learn the script/scene in your own words (don’t think character)

2. Place the other in closer proximity

3. Draw on your personal experience first then layer in character choices

Ways to perform using conversational methods

1. Keep the other right in front of you

2. The camera does not exist

3. Process and react to the information in a logical way

Things NOT to force while you are acting in a conversational way

1. Your natural speaking to be more quiet

2. Restrict your physicality (movement)

3. Being self-conscience (listening to self)

4. Overthinking

Things to do while you are conversational acting

1. Remember the scene is not about you

2. Make sure you are responding in a natural way

3. Keep your gears in check (pitch, pace pause)

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