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Stage or Screen, What’s the Difference?

Stage or Screen, What’s the Difference?

Air Date: March 2, 2023

Here’s the thing. Actors are often told that there is no real difference bet

ween acting on stage or on camera. They are told just to, “bring it down…do less”. Well. I say that you’ve been given wrong advice. It often comes from teachers who need a simple way to avoid the truth. After this episode, you will have a clear understanding of what’s needed and the difference between acting on stage or on screen. This is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a casting director!

List of differences between acting on stave vs on camera:

1. 3D vs 2D: your physical presence is different in each medium.

2. 4th wall vs no wall: There are limitations and advantages to both

3. Casting the role of the audience in each venue

4. Differences are in energy, focus and range for stage and came


5. Process: 3 weeks vs 3 minutes for growing a character

6. Camera: always acting, Stage, split the interaction(s)

7. On the set: Time to work out familiarity vs not time to get acquainted

8. Blocking: hitting your mark or marking your hit (making moments)

List of things to incorporate into each environment

1. Both: make sure the character is inhabited in your body (physicality)

2. Both: Interesting choices always work

3. Stage: reach the back row, Screen: reach the other person only

4. Stage share focus, screen always be reacting to moments

5. Both: always be truthful

6. Both: it’s never about you; good listening always keep you from watching yourself

7. Screen: Instant acting Stage: conditioning over time

8. Screen: Emotion is non sequential, Stage: linear emotional development

Just being aware of the differences can propel you into a more interesting series of choices. Remember, it’s the environment you are performing in that can determine those choices and shape your talent into a meaningful experience whether on stage or on screen.

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