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Self-Tape Tweaks

We’ve seen a ton of self-tapes come in for our film and theatre projects of late. I

have to say, the submissions are getting so much better than during COVID. There are still some actors that should review the way they are submitting themselves. I think it’s time to let you in on some power tips that can up your on-camera game and move you into the yes column. Here is a reminder podio (podcast video) that we are calling self-tape tweaks. C’mon, jump in. The talent pool is just right for you.


Check box tweaks for your digital video auditions:

1.    Camera frame-asymmetrical-head room-chest-waist

2.    Sound

3.    Background

4.    Lighting

5.    Full body request-.jpeg with Ken Burnes effect

6.    Slate set up-Vary the camera position

7.    End card strategy

Common issues that should not happen

1.    Edit too quickly before/after audition

2.    Too much editing (transitions/fancy are unnecessary)

3.    Slates that are flat or disconnected to you

4.    Wrong eyeline

5.    Presentational

Best way to embrace your submissions

1.    More time on the acting

2.    Default setting for the technical stuff

3.    3 take rule

4.    Stop being critical

5.    After you submit-the thinking about it must quit!

It is neither an art or a science to submit a self-tape. It is both. Making sure the technical concerns are dealt with followed by the art-your acting, will guarantee a level of self-satisfaction that requires no approval. Once you relinquish control after you submit an audition, you will have arrived at a professional product that gets remembered.


Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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