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Random Thoughts on your Acting Career

Random Thoughts on an Acting Career

Air Date: January 26,2023

Every once in a while, I decide to not have a central theme for this podcast.

Sometimes it is more fun to share some random thought about the state of the industry, audition issues or just plain old advice about show business. Today is just such a day. Random thoughts on an acting career on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

· Recent A1 conference workshops and auditions

· Common questions about getting an agent

· Embrace collaboration

· There are no secrets to success

· Many actors do not invest in what is being done in film/tv theatre (stay curious)

· School is over when you declare yourself a professional

· Really understand what you do not have control over

· Every choice you make can help or hurt your opportunities…and that’s OK

· Use the phrase; Give Time Time

· Notate your audition choices (callback, classes, references for future auditions)

· Every audition is too fast

· You are enough

· Remember the joy of performance (why are you an actor?)

· Seek out other actors to “play with”

· Agents, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors are all human beings, not challenges

· Auditions are not events

· Please re-evaluate your audition wardrobe

· The good news is you are not unique the bad news is you are not unique

· If you are going to beat yourself up, use a feather

· Good work is it’s own reward, getting cast is icing on an already well made cake

These are not just sayings to make your day better. Really. These random thoughts seem to have one thing in common. That is, acceptance. Understanding what you can control to what you cannot control is the ultimate reward to a successful, creative, collaborative ACTING CAREER. Please let me know if this was helpful by going to and let me know!

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