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Put A Spring In Your Step

Air Date: March 9, 2023

Spring In Your Step

I love the following catch phrases, “Make your mark, Jump at the chance, you do you, It’s aint over till it’s over, It’s just a matter of time…”. I’m not sure why I am enamored of these simple statements apart from their positive messages they inspire. Sometimes this shorthand version of coping with our feelings is a quick method of moving forward. Here’s one, “ Put a Spring in your step!” Well, soon it’s going to be Spring. New starts, fresh eyes and ways to grow into this new season. Put a Spring in Your Step on this episode of Casting actors Cast!

Ways to come out of hibernation and put Spring in your step:

· Do something different for your acting skills (class, Battle Acts, Improv)

· Change your appearance (clothes and hair)

· List your goals (realistic and do-able)

· Make a new friend

· Create a network database

· Travel to someplace nearby where you’ve never been (Zoo, Park, Lake)

· Start a hobby

· Re-evaluate your marketing strategy

· Reach out to old acquaintance

· Start a reading group with other actors (screen plays, plays)

· See a dentist/doctor/therapist

· Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure

· Read a book

· Watch a movie that you are not really interested in seeing

· Make a new recipe

· Visit a museum

· Put the phone down for 2 hours everyday

· Recall why you wanted to be an actor…spend dime with that thought

It always surprises me when I don’t remember to take on these suggestions. I guess we are, after all, creatures of habit. We assume it takes energy we don’t have when the opposite is true. When you decide to put Spring in your step, amazing energy finds itself into your soul and your outlook becomes open to endless creative possibilities!

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