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Organizations Worth Knowing

Organizations Worth Knowing

Air Date: November 17, 2022

In this episode of Casting Actors Cast, we’ll talk about some very cool resources that you should be aware of. Staying current with what’s happening in the arts community and with tools that can help actors, is a great way to feel connected. Let’s put the power of information to good work on this episode of Casting Actors Cast

• Students Live & Passport to Broadway-Amy Weinstein’s training program for young people

• T. Schreiber Studio-151 West 26th

• One on One-34 West 27th

• Theatre world online

• Actors York

• Lincoln Center theatre library

• Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue

• Breakdown services (Actors Access)

• New Drama Bookshop-266 West 39th Street

• Modernage photo lab- 555 8th Ave NYC, NY 10018

• CDM Studios (voice over studios) 630 9th Avenue



• Actors member portal

• Sag/ (industry resources)

• Simply TV and Film scripts

• Voice for voiceover work

Even though you may not think there is enough time in the day to get stuff done, maybe it’s time to use this list as a sort of resource opportunity. Rather than hopelessly gGoogle searching your way to crazy town, this l

ist might be just the ticket to keep you moving in the right direction for classes, studios, scripts, photography, information and connection. Please let me know if these choices have helped by letting me know. JD

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