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Oh No! Another New Year?

I think every time we bring in a new year, we have the best of intensions to make the upcoming year even better than the year before. We “resolve” to do things better or make commitments to our self-improvement. The beginning of a new year brings the hope and optimism of what might be waiting for us in the weeks and months ahead. Well, as an actor, I am sure you have thought about next year’s, role’s and performing opportunities. The question becomes, is there anything I can do to realize our prospects? Let’s find out on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!


Best ways to approach the new year:

1.    Realistic goal setting (refrain from modest gains or overly ambitious ones)

2.    Have a plan-Write it down (vision board, checklist, chart, diary entry)

3.    Be specific with your plan-the more details, the better

4.    Be wary of time tables for your goals

5.    Use a pencil with an eraser (not in stone)

Best ways to avoid being hurt by expectations gone awry:

1.    What you can control vs what you cannot control

2.    Separate your emotions from your expectations (you are not your feelings)

3.    Question the reality of any given situation (luck vs preparation)

4.    Know that positive momentum always changes in intensity and duration

5.    Know you are not a victim of external situations you cannot control

Best ways to being a better actor:

1.    Classes

2.    Keep records (diary) of your progress

3.    Maintain a database of connections you make (auditions, meetings, colleagues)

4.    3 things a day rule revisited

5.    Remember why you wanted to be an actor in the first pla


The quality of our acting journey depends on the things we tell ourselves. Being careful not to listen to voices that are negative or hurtful, although you think are realistic, only serve to disguise reality. Turn down the volume of those voices and amplify the healthy perspective that, “everything happens for a reason”. Being creative is not a justification for suffering. Being creative IS the part of the puzzle that we piece together to define who we are. Being an actor is our way of making a positive difference to the world and ourselves. Happy new year!


Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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