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New Questions Answered

New Questions Answered

Air Date: September 15, 2022

#1 Message: Hi Jeffrey!

Hoping this finds you happy and healthy. I've been spreading the word about you to my students and they love your podcast.


Gin Hammond

#2 My agency recommended me not to send my demo reel to casting directors.

(It is shown on her website).

What do you think about it?

Best regards

Asi itzhaki

#3 I just listened to your re your recent podcast. I appreciated your clarity in regard to the seven steps CD’s use when auditioning. And the point you made about actors receiving audition requests for other roles and opportunities/projects by a particular casting director is the best feedback an actor may want in their audition. :) Jeffrey Grover

#4 First Name: Marc

Last Name: Johnson

Message: I'd love to receive more information about voice overs—like how does one get into the industry, and what are some tips I could use to market myself?

#5 First Name: George

Last Name: Garber

Message: I am a thatrical voice coach and use your tips with my students. Thanks so much for your creative and charming podacasts!

#6 First Name: Annayih

Last Name: Cuevas

Message: Hello, I'm 15 and I want to be an actor for Netflix. I always wanted to be an actress some people told me it wasn't for me. but i think it is!

#7 Greetings Jeffrey,

I have some N.Y.

credits from theatres that no longer exist due to finances, the Pandemic, etc. Should I remove them as I update my resume, or keep them as some of the roles were of good size.



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