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Networking Conundrum

Networking Conundrum

Air Date: May 5, 2022

Possibly one of the most common questions out there is, “How do I stay in touch with an agent/manager/casting director without turning them off?” or, putting it another way, “I don’t want to be obnoxious and am afraid I will turn the agent/casting director off, how do I network the right way?”

To be sure, every actor wants to be though of in great terms with industry folks. But sometimes it’s really hard to figure out the best way to do it. We will answer this question and offer up some helpful insights into those pesky networking conundrums! On this episode of Casting Actors Cast, The podcast for actors from a casting director.

Best practices for staying in touch with industry professionals:

1. Ask! “What is the best way to stay in touch?”, then do that

2. Be strategic in planning your marketing outreach strategy (social, email, snail mail, calling)

3. Always be positive/upbeat/grateful-No one wants a downer/angry/insensitive correspondence

4. Remember it is a business. Making it personal is a turn off

5. Be respectful of others’ time and attention-Get to the point.

6. Have a database and always use it as an ever-evolving resource

7. Be creative with your outreach but not too forced

8. If you question whether or not you are being too pushy, you never are

9. Start small and be deliberate

10. Remind your network how you met/connected

Reminders to Consider when networking

1. Everyone wants to be well thought of

2. Everyone in the industry is overworked and stressed

3. Professional directness is always the best default setting

4. Humor is a commodity that, when used correctly, is always welcome

5. Networking takes time

6. Longevity and persistence are the prime ingredients for successful networking

7. Multiple strategies have a greater likelihood of success (email followed by social followed by in person)

8. Do not dwell on each and every connection. Keep moving forward

9. Keep the purpose of making connections top of mind

10. Remember to be a good listener (be genuine in your responses)

The very best networking techniques should not be part of a calculated routine to win someone over, but rather a way to seek genuine connection with someone with whom you can find mutual benefit. As you perfect your methods of keeping in touch, remind yourself that the industry always gets smaller and smaller the more you are in it and that as your talent grows, so will your network


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