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Material That Fits

Material That Fits

Air Date: February 9, 2023

So, how do you look in Spandex? You know, that tight fitting stretchy stuff usually worn in the gym or dance class? How does it make you feel? I’m not talking about your physicality. I’m talking about why you decided to choose whatever you wear

when you are outside your home? OK. The same thing applies to the script material you choose to work on. Whether for an audition or a class, how do you choose the “material” that is best for you? Material that fits, on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

1. Cast yourself well. What suites your demographic/age and sensibility

2. Refrain from the obvious, overdone, monologues and scenes

3. Transcribe material for TV/Film/New Theatre

4. Ask yourself, “what does this choice show someone who has never met me about me?

5. Let your emotional connection to the material be only one part of the decision.

a. Marketability

b. Range

c. Levels

d. Arc/transformation

6. Really invest time in making interesting choices not obvious ones

7. Find a trusted someone to coach you on the material

8. Record and playback with specific questions and no judgement

9. Find similar material from the same writer/actor/production for more ideas about how to perform.

Searching for the right material is found when you make the active decision to show specific aspects of your acting ability. Remain curious and challenge yourself to find “Material That Fits!”

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