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Marketing Mistakes Actors Make

Marketing Mistakes Actors Make

Air Date: March 16, 2023

I’ve heard this statement from actors many times; “I have tried doing (whatever)

and it doesn’t seem to work. Or “whenever I try to (whatever it is) something

goes wrong”. Many times actors make mistake after mistake because of their

limited perspective of the situation. After all, not one teaches this stuff in acting

school. We’ll look at the myths and mistakes actors make and how to avoid them

on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Mistake #1 Trying to be all things to all people: You can’t aim your marketing to

everyone. Narrow your audience and increase the intensity of your brand.

Mistake #2 Thinking that casting is a rational endeavor. You don’t need to

convince casting, show them why they should work with you instead.

Mistake # 3 Telling everyone your plan. Outside of your support system, no one

needs to hear your dream of winning an Oscar, Tony, Emmy. Aspirations are

promises you tell yourself not everyone.

Mistake #4 Approval seeking. Make choices that are right for you and not try to

please others. Your choices are unique. Please yourself and not others.

Mistake #5 Holding back the funds. Have a reasonable percentage of your budget

for your marketing. It’s not just about acting classes but investing in marketing

yourself (maybe a marketing class?)

Myth #6 Industry will respond quickly to your marketing. Funny how we think

people act more quickly in show business than anywhere else. Consistency with

your marketing is key. Do not anticipate immediate results.

Myth #7 Fear of making a mistake with your marketing plan. Many times plans

remain on the page and never see the light of day. Anyone who thinks they are

being obnoxious usually never are.

Myth #8 Never acting on your dreams. Dream big dreams. Focus on one dream at

a time. See ways to be motivated. Write your dreams down…

When there is a clean, purposeful strategy to marketing yourself as an actor that

you then implement, you are well on your way to being the CEO of your own

company. Keeping the emotional context of your talent se

parated from your

business head will help you focus on one goal at a time and help you stay on


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