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Making A Move

Episode # 319

Air Date: 6/21//24

Making a Move


Choosing where to live is a significant decision for any actor. The right location can

greatly impact an actor’s career opportunities, lifestyle, and overall well-being. This chapter explores the factors actors should consider when deciding where to call home, the benefits and challenges of various cities, and practical tips for making the best choice.


Factors to Consider


Career Opportunities:


Industry Hub: The proximity to major entertainment industry hubs can provide more audition and networking opportunities. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and London are renowned for their active film, television, and theater scenes.

Type of Work: Different cities specialize in various types of work. For instance, Los Angeles is known for film and television, New York for theater and Broadway, and Atlanta for its growing film industry.

Cost of Living:


Housing: Consider the cost of renting or buying a home. Major cities can be expensive, so it’s important to budget accordingly.

Everyday Expenses: Look into the cost of food, transportation, utilities, and other daily expenses to ensure they fit within your budget.

Quality of Life:


Lifestyle Preferences: Think about your preferred lifestyle. Do you enjoy the fast pace of a big city, or do you prefer a quieter, suburban or rural setting?

Amenities and Services: Consider the availability of amenities such as gyms, parks, cultural activities, and healthcare services.

Networking and Community:


Industry Networks: Being in a location with a strong community of actors, agents, and casting directors can be beneficial for networking and career growth.

Support Systems: Having friends, family, or a supportive community can help you navigate the ups and downs of an acting career.

Transportation and Accessibility:


Public Transport: Access to reliable public transportation can be crucial, especially if you don’t own a car.

Travel Convenience: Consider the ease of traveling to auditions, rehearsals, and gigs, as well as the availability of major airports for potential out-of-town work.

City Profiles


Los Angeles:


Pros: As the heart of the film and television industry, Los Angeles offers abundant opportunities for auditions, networking, and industry events. The city also enjoys a warm climate and diverse cultural scene.

Cons: High cost of living, heavy traffic, and a competitive environment can be challenging. Housing can be particularly expensive, especially in desirable neighborhoods close to industry hotspots.

New York City:


Pros: Known for its vibrant theater scene, including Broadway and Off-Broadway, New York City is ideal for stage actors. The city also has a rich cultural life, with numerous museums, galleries, and nightlife options.

Cons: The cost of living is very high, and apartments are often small and expensive. The city’s fast pace and intensity can be overwhelming for some.



Pros: London boasts a prestigious theater scene, including the West End, as well as opportunities in film and television. The city is culturally rich, with a diverse population and historic charm.

Cons: High living costs, especially for housing, and often gloomy weather. The city’s size and traffic can make commuting a challenge.



Pros: Atlanta has become a major hub for film and television production, often called the “Hollywood of the South.” The cost of living is lower than in Los Angeles or New York, and the city offers a warm climate and southern hospitality.

Cons: Fewer opportunities for stage actors compared to New York or London. The industry is growing, but it may not yet match the scale of traditional hubs.

Other Considerations:


Secondary Markets: Cities like Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto also offer robust opportunities in theater, film, and television. These cities often have lower costs of living and less competition than major industry hubs.

International Opportunities: Depending on language skills and career goals, cities like Paris, Berlin, or Mumbai might offer unique opportunities and experiences.

Practical Tips


Research and Visits:


Before making a decision, visit potential cities to get a feel for the environment and lifestyle. Research local acting communities, industry presence, and quality of life.

Budget Planning:


Create a detailed budget that includes housing, utilities, transportation, and other living expenses. Make sure your income can support your chosen location.

Temporary Living:


Consider starting with a short-term rental or sublet to test out living in a new city before committing to a long-term lease or purchase.



Join local acting groups, attend industry events, and connect with other actors in the area to build your network and learn about local opportunities.

Flexibility and Openness:


Be open to adjusting your plans as your career evolves. You may start in one city and find that relocating to another becomes beneficial as your career progresses.



Deciding where to live as an actor is a significant and personal choice that can greatly influence your career and lifestyle. By considering factors such as career opportunities, cost of living, quality of life, and networking potential, you can make an informed decision that supports your professional goals and personal well-being. Whether you choose a bustling industry hub or a growing secondary market, finding the right home base can be a pivotal step in your acting journey

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