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Let’s Evaluate Your Self-Tape: Michael Michele!

Let’s Evaluate Your Self-Tape: Michael Michele!

The response from my reviews on your self-tapes has been amazing. People from all over the world are taking the time to write how much they get out of these critiques! OK, well, let’s do another one. We are going to look at yet another self-tape submission and find out exactly what it takes to create a successful audition. On this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the podcast and video for actors.

Michael Michele’s Submission

Technical Elements: What matters the most about the technical side of your submission?

1. Camera Frame is good, slight cutting off the head but like the physicality.

2. Lighting is an issue. Ring light in the eyes. Harsh lumens and shadows on background.

3. Sound OK for first piece, not as good on second (yelling could be why so that’s OK)

4. Good cross fade into the scene from slate.

5. Up speak on your name. Make the most of the slate

6. Closing card? Would really make a nice bookend

7. Frame of reference for the other character is up.

Performance Elements: Why this matters the most.

1. Rushed Slate

2. Focus on the other character for a response to you

3. Vary his intensity to reflect the importance of his emotions

4. Excellent use of space

5. Look great on camera

6. Love the spontaneous moments and choices

Remember that any audition is an opportunity to simplify not overwork the choices by using P.I.R.R.; Plot, Intension Relationship, Reaction. Overthinking produces overreactions. Keeping the choices simple actually frame the character’s sense of self and therefore intelligence. The uniqueness of the choices reflect your own uniqueness as an actor. Remember the technical side of your self-tape audition are there to keep the viewer focused on YOU!

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