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Jeff’s Jots Air Date 11-26-2020 Your Acting vs Your Side Hussle

Jeff’s Jots

Air Date 11-26-2020

Your Acting vs Your Side Hussle-Finding your career and staying afloat

Letter from listener

Looking at your choices in a different way:

1) Acting and survival gigs do not have to be in conflict

* Every job can contribute to your acting (experience in life = unique acting choices)

* Choose jobs that have flexibility OR is rewarding other than just money

* Keep your acting goals front and center by blocking out career time in your day

2) Don't loose your big picture goals by negative thoughts about your other job(s)

* Find support with other actors/coach/classes

* Embrace your situation not resent it

* Decide what you will need to be a full time actor (exactly: Money/Location/other needs)

3) Remember why you love acting

* Recall the defining moment you had to become an actor

* Project yourself into the future...where do you want to be in 5 years?

* Scale up your skills Review:

Not a conflict but situational circumstances

Turn negative thoughts into actionable decisions

Recall the love and scale up your professionalism

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