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Hey, Hey, Hey, How's Your Resume?

Hey, Hey, Hey, How’s Your Resume?

Air Date: September 1, 2022

I know, I know. I can’t’ help a corny rhyme or alliteration opportunity! The resumes I’ve seen most recently come under the category, I call, Lacking. It’s not that they are short on credits or that their content isn’t right. It is that the actors resume is not appealing. It doesn’t have enough personality or information to answer even the most basic questions that a Casting Director might have! C’mon people. It’s 2022. The Fall is almost here. New season, new opportunities, new outlook. How about a new resume? Find out if you can benefit from a re-vamped resume. Hey, Hey Hey, Jeff is talking resume…this is Casting Actors Cast-The podcast for Actors from a casting director.

Actors Connection, September 8th at 4:30 Facebook Live (on Zoom). C’mon and show your support, ask a question, make a difference!

Things to check on with your current resume:

· Thumbnail picture

· Name formatted in a personality font.

· Easy to read?

· Height not weight, not eye color, not your age

· Primary goal set as the first category: Film & TV or Theatre first

· 3-4 items per credit (project, role, lead, location (theatre), director, network).

· Easy to read! Layout, font, bold, italics, etc.

· Educational and training as a heading

· Special skills that matter to the casting director/director/producer

· Contact information placed in easy to see location

· Union affiliations

· Must be 8X10

· Careful with reviews (quotes), adjectives, flashy statements, over the top comments

· Never write on the resume credits just done, personal notes, attention getting graphics, underlines, highlights, or other personalized embellishments. It is about you not from you!

Spend a few moments with your resume and see if it reads well. If you were the casting director, would you appreciate the talent as presented on the page? What you did, where you did it, who did you do it are the only statements you need to make with your acting credits. We can get a sense of who you are with the way you’ve formatted and designed this one-page advertisement about you. Never feel apologetic about lack of credits. Let education and training make up for that. Showing determination and confidence is a great way to allow the resume to speak for you and your career.

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