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Get More Auditions

Air Date: 11/30/2023

Get More Auditions


We’ve talked a ton on this podcast about the many layers of being a successful actor.

Sometimes it’s tips about acting, other times it is about the business of show. We’ve

even covered opportunities that are available for actors that don’t include acting! Today,

it’s time we took a realistic approach for the actor to consider. That is, finding more

auditions. With the actors’ strike now over, there is a feeling that the flood gates will

open and opportunities will explode for everyone. Well, that may or may not be the

case. Better to take a moment and apply a practical sensibility to your acting career and

Get More Auditions. This is Casting Actors Cast!


Why we think we are not getting the acting opportunities:

1.    Belief the agent is not completely up front about work

2.    FOMO is a default setting for you and we feel left out

3.    The usual resources are not bearing any fruit

4.    The feeling that it is taking too much time and effort to figure it out

5.    There are less jobs available

Reasons why we need to reframe the thought pattern:

1.    The agent/manager has a vested interested in staying in business-connect again

2.    Feelings are not facts. If you feel you are missing out, then you are

3.    The usual resources are always evolving and may not include you

4.    We’re exhausted. Thinking about a new strategy is painful. This is statis quo.

5.    The strike is just over. It will take a little time yet to get things moving

Things to do for getting more auditions:

1.    Add additional search engines to your routine (Actors Access, Backstage, Mandy, Offices of film and TV, Union websites, social media platforms)

2.    Engage with other actors on social media

3.    Freshen up your profile pages on all your search engines

4.    Let your agent know about your strategy

5.    Do not allow yourself to compare your situation with others

6.    Read up on new projects in the works (Theatre world, Hollywood Reporter)

7.    Research the new releases now showing and find out who/where/when

8.    Stick to the plan-structure is mandatory

9.    Remember the only constant is change

10. You will be ready when you feel ready

You get more auditions when you feel you have applied your creative self with practical decisions for your acting. It is both. Feel good about your forward movement. It is a matter of time before you will see positive results.


Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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