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Flipping The Script

Air Date: 12/16/2021

Flipping the Script

One technique that I love to use in class is asking the actor in a scene to play the other part. What usually happens is that the actor has no time to think about their choices and jumps in to accomplish the task. The result? The Scene comes alive, is truthful, real, and conversational. On this episode of Casting, Actors Cast. Let's flip the script and find out more about playing the other part whether It’s for acting or for your acting life. This is one episode you are not going to want to miss!

Flipping the script in your acting (playing the other part)

a. Develops empathy for the other person in the scene

b. Injects the power of listening into the work

c. Becomes technically powerful for understanding the intension/tension in a scene

d. Provides multiple choices and approaches for your character to play

e. Strengthens the danger of spontaneity for the actor (because you know what’s coming and can act on it)

f. A great tool for memorizing your words

g. Helps define the mood of the scene (the script creates atmosphere you can embrace)

h. It’s fun!

Flipping the script in your acting life (seeing the world through the eyes of others)

a. Develops empathy for others

b. Makes you a better listener (know where the other person is coming from)

c. Changes your emotional connections to be less volatile

d. Helps discover creative decisions rather than the same responses we use for others

e. Makes any interaction spontaneous and focused

f. Becomes more of a reflection of who you are

g. Can alter the atmosphere and mood of any situation

h. It’s fun!

Flipping the script is a great method of exploration for your acting and your life as an actor. It is useful for enhancing your perspective and can virtually change the direction of your work. Your skills as an actor, much like the skills you have as a person are inspired when you view each situation as a potential role reversal and external perspective. It’s called flipping the script. Only then can you approach an outcome on the terms you decide with the emotional vocabulary that makes sense for you.

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