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Does Your Headshot Still Matter?

Does Your Headshot Still Matter?

Air Date: June 9, 2022

Given the current environment and the new technology actors are required to know like Zoom and self-tape, you might be wondering if the need for a headshot still matters. After all, we can see what you look like in a slate or in a Zoom meeting, why do you need to go through the trouble and expense for new headshots? What can they possibly be used for? Listen up people, I have the answer to that question plus some really valuable tips on ways you can use your headshot as the best marketing tool in your tool kit! Answers to that and the mailbag on this episode of Casting Actors Cast! The podcast and video for actors…from a casting director!

My first question is: "Thank you cards" you said. Is it an actual card at the end of your audition? Or are you using the word 'card' to mean a clip of me / us saying thank you? You did mention our information so perhaps it's text that's filmed?

And on the slate, you confirmed my gut feeling about it not sounding like we're cataloging, but my question is: if the audition is for say a serious character, can I really play around with my slate, which I'm inclined to do? You get a piece of me but it doesn't add to the atmosphere for my character. Kam

Message: Hi Jeffrey: I listened to your podcast on self-tape submissions. You never answered ...what happens to the self-submissions of the actors not cast? Namely, do CD's delete them? Leonard

Headshots or not?

1. Still an important tool for callbacks and selection actors when in person.

2. Having a main headshot for all industry interactions solidifies the brand

3. A headshot that looks like you NOW is necessary for casting/production.

4. Many actors do not use their new headshot in their self-promoting.

a) Social media thumbnails

b) Email thumbnail or signature section

c) With their self-submit videos as part of their slate

5. Using your headshot in other ways

a) Postcards/business cards/flyers

b) Zoom waiting room/camera off shot

c) Self-submit emails


Take the time to objectively answer if your current headshot represents who you are now. If so great. If not, then maybe it’s time to seek out a new look for a fresh start or re branding of you and your talent. That way you’ll be ready for the next best thing to happen in your acting career.

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