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Catch A Catchphrase

Catch a Catchphrase

Air Date: June 16, 2022

I don't know about you, but I love when I hear myself saying catch phrases

. You know, those little statements or sayings that can get you through the day. For example, here's one. You can start your day over at any time. That has actually helped me a lot of late because when stuff happens, sometimes I need a fresh start. Let's take a look at some additional guidepost statements that can help you with both your acting and your acting career. On this episode of Casting Actors Cast.

Catch-phrases for actors and acting careers

Treat everyone like a celebrity (real connections with others will make you a celebrity)

It’s not enough to be good when you dream of being great

Some days all you need to do is show up

Never plan spontaneity

Use the three-take rule (for self-taping)

Make every scene about the other

Tools are only useful if you use them

Be in the Moment

Raise the stakes

Be active not reflective

Never ask, “I wonder what they’re looking for”

Trust your training

The camera is not judging you

Your uniqueness will book you the job, not your sameness

Talent is about giving, career is about taking

Be the actor you want to be three years from now, now

After the audition, don’t re-audition in your head

An audition is not an event, it is part of the job description

Remember the joy of performance

If you are going to beat yourself up, use a feather

It may seem silly, but I can tell you firsthand that each one of these sayings has made an impact on my day, week or month. When we can objectively observe our emotional temperature for signs of stress, anger, hurt or frustration, changing gears with a little nugget phrase can reverse our negative trajectory and help us see things differently. Can you catch a catchphrase? It doesn’t hurt to try does it? Oh. That was another one…I can’t help it.

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