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Breaking Down a Breakdown

Air Date: 9/30/2021

Breaking Down a Breakdown

I've seen this happen a lot. Many times, actors will see a job listing and get so excited because they think it is perfect for them. The question becomes, is it really right for you? Does the breakdown itself hold keys for discovering whether you are right for the gig? Let's take a look at a breakdown and not have a breakdown. In this episode of casting actors cast, I will show you exactly how to know when you are right for the right acting job.

1. What is a b


a) Role description

b) Project details of time, place, who is involved, pay.

c) How to submit for the project (Picture/resume/reel/sides)

2. Who posts a breakdown?

a) Casting Directors

hired by producers

b) Producers

c) Artistic Directors (theatre)

d) Production administrator

3. What to look for in a breakdown

a) Production parameters (time, place, money, commitment)

b) What is being sought (Roles to be played)

c) Requirements for the role (Extra requests for playing the part)

4. How is the role described?

a) Age, sex, storyline, plot points

b) Personality traits being sought (physical, emotional, psychological)

c) Additional traits or attributes

5. Making the decision to submit

a) Are you available to make the co

Commitment of time, money, location?

b) Do you fit all the requirements of the role?

c) Are you prepared for your submission?

6. Common issues with actor submissions

a) Not realistic with the opportunity (age, sex, qualifications)

b) Underqualified because of lack of experience

c) Submitting for everything without filtering the opportunity

The right mindset (professional, positive, qualified) is sometime a challenge with the actor’s excitement when they see a breakdown. Treating every opportunity like it is your business and not an emotional knee-jerk will grow your reputation and set you on the path to success.

Breaking Down a Breakdown
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