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Asking and Answering Your Questions

Asking and Answering Your Questions

Jeffrey takes on some interesting questions and comments by Casting actors Cast listeners;

“My question to you, Jeffrey, is should I try to find representation with a local New York agent?”


“Stage actors are dying to be set free, please don’t dash our hopes.”

Find out the answers and more on this episode!

Please check out the website and the YouTube channel Casting Actors Cast. The podcast for actor

s from a casting Director. Here are some partial excerpts from the letters Jeffrey responds to.

“Central Artists in Los Angeles says they are bi-coastal but almost all my auditions/bookings came from Prestige here in New York. I'm very loyal but, as you have said in your podcasts, "it's business and not personal.' I know all is kind of in limbo production wise with the pandemic at the moment, but this is my career and I need the best team I can assemble behind me.”

“There's been a steady a

dvance of "technology creep," imposing more and more technical demands on actors … stage actors are often suffocated by zoom auditions, having their inventive powers confined to a screen, unable to respond to the “room” fully in the moment, having to squint at a reader on a screen, unable to be fully physical, etc. And the production staff will get a limited understanding of the actor’s capabilities while creating those very limitations, and might regret hiring an actor who is only capable of a cramped video performance and not a more expansive live presentation.”

Find out Jeffrey’s answer in this episode!

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