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Are YOU Open for Business?

Air Date: 1/6/2022

Open for Business

Everyone seems to have a “New Year’s” resolution. From podcasts to TV news shows, they are either reflecting on how awful last year was or pushing things to look forward to for next year. We usually decide that this is a way of putting to bed the past and finding hope for the future. This is also an opportunity to set goals for ourselves. It can be personal objectives like losing weight or being a kinder person or the goals can be the “business/career” declaration. “I will be more successful” can sometimes be heard from actors during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Are you one of those? Well, it is not a bad thing to set goals. It might be more productive, though, to reframe the resolution into a practical question. Here’s one. “Are You Open for Business?” Simple questions are sometimes worth investigating. Like on this episode of, Casting Actors Cast”

Being open for business means ready to work

A. Are the tools ready? (Pictures/Resumes /Website/Self-tape studio)?

B. Are you ready? (physical shape/mentally/emotionally/relationships)?

C. Is the business ready? The top ways to prepare for the job search

1. Organization of your office (computer desktop/database/calendar)

2. Job resources to tap: Backstage, Actors Access,, (international)

3. Classes, seminars, workshops for your talent

4. Classes, seminars, workshops for your business (accounting/marketing)

Being open for business means letting everyone know

A. Promotions

B. Resources that can be used to your benefit: colleagues/past “clients” (folks you worked with)

C. Others just starting their businesses (agents, casting, theatres, new programming)

Being open for business means that you FEEL ready

A. Proper mindset it everything

B. Life/work logistics are worked out for any possibilities that might come up

C. Back up plans are not signs of defeat but new directions to consider

It might be a good idea to look at the new year this way. Rather than resolve to do this or become that, embrace the choices you have in front of you toward the best options so you can say, “I am open for business!”


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