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Actors Survival Guide

Air Date: 11/2/2023

Actor’s Survival Gear

There’s a lot of stress going on right now. It feels like more than the usual, “Day to Day” issues we are familiar with. What’s going on? Well, there’s much we have no control over; conflicts, social unrest, strikes, you name it. We are in a really bizarre space, I think. One of the few choices I have, when I reflect on the situation, is being clear about what I have control over. What options are immediately available to me? I think of it as a checklist. Things I can do to gear up and be ready for whatever is next. You may find this helpful too. “Actors Survival Gear”. This is Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors.

Survival strategies that work:

· Take inventory of where you are now

· Get rest

· Make a plan, write it down, stick to the plan (ex. 3 things a day)

· Share your plan with a peer or career guide planner

· Have a wish list of career goals for short and long term consideration

· Take on a new hobby or project-anything is forward movement

· Review your materials (resume, picture, socials, website) for renovation

· Take time away from career reflection

· Write your play, movie, one-person show

· Take breaks from technology and broadcast news

· Take stock of what you have (gratitude list)

· Invest time in career alternative fantasies

· Take a class you’ve been putting off

· Walk

· Share your fears with someone you trust

· Remember to give time, time

· No huge changes (relationships/moving/financial) right now

· Connect with other actors

· Change is inevitable, suffering is an option

I realize that just sharing my survival gear ideas can actually feel like a burden. If might feel like, “More to do”! If you can think of the suggestions as suggestions, to be examined and put into action when you feel ready, will begin a process that will inevitably lead to wearing the right Actors Survival Gear!

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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