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Acting on Purpose

Air Date: 10/12/2023

Acting on Purpose

For some reason, I happen to like double meanings for the same phrase. It can be in

the form of a pun or a double entendre. For example, today’s e

pisode is called Acting on Purpose. Well, it can mean acting for a reason or it can als

o mean having a purpose to act on! Either way, we’ll look into both meanings to uncove

r the truth about why actors act!

Why do actors act? What driving purpose can explain the dedic

ation, discipline, risks it takes to become an actor? Finding out the reason can be quit

e complicated yet

valuable to examine, I think. It can lead to a healthy foundation for o

ur creativity. After

all, if we have a reason, we can understand why we choose this vocation or avocation,

as the case may be. Here are some reasons I’ve heard from other actors and a few of my own thoughts about why actors act.

1. “Something I always wanted”- seeing a performance, being in a school play

2. “Love the idea of being an actor”- Playing other people, creative outlet,

admiration from others, creative lifestyle

3. “Nothing else I’d rather do”- being a creative storyteller is enticing

4. “The possibility of being rich and famous”-few would admit to this but secretly

admit it

5. Believe in the value of story telling as an art form for the betterment of society

6. Exploration of the human condition and our own psychology

If you have a reason I haven't mentioned, please let me know at

Each reason we have for why we choose to act is valid. Actually, no one reason is

usually correct. Typically, there are a few driving factors for our decision to act. From

what I know, no actor has had someone else beg us to become an actor. “Plea

se, for

the love of god, become an actor!”. So we must rely on our creativity, intellect and

determination to follow our passion. It might not make sense to our

friends/family/community to understand our reasons, but it needs to only make sense to us. It is our purpose. Our intentional understanding of how we choose to pursue a creative life.

In another way, “Acting on Purpose” can be a new approach to the characters we are

playing. Here is how defining your character’s purpose can be a useful tool to


1. Ask yourself why the character was written in the first place (purpose #1)

2. Find out what drives the character to behave the way they do (purpose #2)

3. Connect with the similarities between you and your character to reveal both


Everything happens for a reason. Acting on purpose or our purpose for acting makes for

an interesting journey.

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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