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Acting Myths and Mistakes for 2021

Based on the questions I’ve received over the past few years; it occurs to me that many actors seem to still be hanging on to misconceptions and untrue claims about being an actor. So, let’s clear the air on some of these weird untruths so we can launch the new year with a realistic perspective and clear eyed understanding of acting and being an actor in 2021!

Acting Myth #1: I didn’t get a callback so the Casting Director will not think of me for future projects.

Acting Myth #2: Even after I’ve done everything I can to get an agent they don’t seem to be interested in me.

Acting Myth #3: If I haven’t booked a job I must be a bad actor.

Acting Mistake #1: Listening to too many opinions about our work.

Acting Mistake #2: Deciding that you don’t need classes anymore.

Acting Mistake #3: Noe that I have an agent, I can sit back and wait for appointments.

If you are in training or newly joining the profession, be in it for the long haul. It’s trite to say but it really is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep your head in check and your heart in perspective…yest you are an artist but you are also a businessperson (CEO of your own company). A clear plan of action and moving away from the myths and mistakes can save you a ton of time, energy and frustration.


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