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Acting Career Warning: 5 Tips

Air Date: 12/23/2021

Acting Career Warnings-5 Tips to Watch

A fan of Casting Actors Cast sent in a voice question to the website that got me thinking. There are some dangerous pitfalls and missteps in show business that can really damage a career. What’s worse, is that as new talent comes into the business the pattern is repeated. There is no intention to scare you in this episode, but rather, shine the light of awareness so you can navigate your career more effectively. This episode is all about the dangers, rip-offs, and bad choices that can happen to you, the actor, on this episode of Casting Actors Cast.

Issue #1- Bad representation and what to do about it

1. Never pay an agent or manager

2. Don’t sign any contract or consent to new pictures, make-up, career coaches an agent sells.

3. Do your research. Investigate with the resources that are available to you

4. Desperation for a talent rep means you are vulnerable to deception

Issue #2- Is too much information a red flag warning?

1. The voice mail response to providing more information than is comfortable

2. Your SS#, Your bank information, your credit card, and any other personal, private information is not usually asked for, nor should it be,

3. Sometimes it is asked for when you book a job though.

Issue #3- If it seems too good to be true….

1. Jeff’s agent story

2. Jeff’s Book Cover story

3. Jeff’s audition in a basement story

Issue #4- Contracts are meant to be read

1. Manager contracts are not the same as SAG/AFTRA contracts

2. A lawyer isn’t always necessary but doesn’t hurt

3. Never respond without some time to evaluate

Issue #5- The over aggressive actor is a poor part to play

1. Neil Gold holiday story

2. Pizza delivery actor

3. Stage door Johnny story (exercise caution when talking to strangers)

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