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The Significance of #243

The Significance of 243

Air Date: December 15, 2022

So, when I say the number 243, does that have any relevance to you? Maybe it

was an address you remember or a phone number. For me, there is at once an

amazing affection for the number and yet it is only because I make it special. OK. What the hell am I talking about? I’ll tell you the significance of #243 in this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

This is the 243rd episode of this podcast. It’s a big deal because I never thought that there would be 243 episodes of this podcast! It has been almost three years and I can’t believe it is still part of my life. The reason for sharing this information is not to ego out with you about this accomplishment but rather, share my gratitude and express my appreciation for this project. What started as a way to give answers to actor questions in the classroom has turned into an unprecedented support from you, the listener/watcher of these “podios”. With over 85 thousa

nd downloads, it has changed the way I look at my work as a casting person.

Here are some ways this podcast has changed my perspective and the ways it has helped you:

· Self-tape evaluation episodes have improved the quality of submissions from actors

· Questions and answers are a direct connection to the way actors are thinking about themselves and the business.

· Call it Pollyanna, but talking about my own insecurities and personal philosophy has kept me sane during these challenging times. Many of you have expressed the same thing

· Growing a community of like-minded actors is the best way to give back

· Going from becoming an actor into casting has in

creased my confidence in my work and life just like many of you who wrote and experienced the same growth as actors

· Our common experience is a wonderful way to ground ourselves in an ever changing business

· With your help, I would like to continue to produce this show. It really depends on your continued listening and my ability to think of ways I can help


I’m sorry if this sounds like one big infomercial about this podcast. I have never broached this subject before. It’s just so important that I express my complete and total appreciation for you’re being there and supporting our efforts. Suddenly, this sounds like a “New Years Eve” episode and not a reset of our future together. I am not going anywhere and with any luck, neither will you!

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