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The Choice is Yours

Episode # 302

The Choice is Yours

Air Date: March 14, 2024

I am often asked the following question. “How do I know if I'm making the right choice?” Actors would like to know how to play the character so that when they are acting, they have good ideas about how to play the character. The insecurity comes from not trusting your instincts. Sound confusing? Let's make it right. The choice is yours. On this episode of Casting Actors cast, the podcast and videos for actors from a casting professional. Ideas for or making the best choices for a character are:


1.      Script Analysis: Thoroughly analyze the script to understand the character's motivations, background, and relationships. P.I.R.R

2.      Research: Conduct research on the time period, setting, and cultural context of the play or film to inform your character choices.

3.      Character Work: Develop a detailed backstory for your character. Understand their desires, fears, and relationships with other characters.

4.      Director's Vision: Collaborate with the director to understand their vision for the character and the overall production.

5.      Physicality and Voice: Consider the physical and vocal aspects of your character. How does your character move, speak, and carry themselves?

6.      Experimentation: Be open to experimenting with different choices during rehearsals to discover what works best for the character.

7.      Feedback: Seek feedback from directors, fellow actors, and coaches to refine your choices and enhance your performance.


Confusion happens when the actor says, “I wonder what they're looking for”. The truth is, it's none of your business. The better choices are the ones you feel are interesting, creative, spontaneous, meaningful and include listening to your gut. Ultimately, making the best choices for a character involves a combination of understanding the material, collaboration with your creative team, and a willingness to explore and take and trust the risks you choose to take.


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