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The Agent Interview

Air Date: 11/16/2023

The Agent Interview

You’ve done it. After months of emails, invitations, and research, you’ve just received a call that the agent you’ve been wanting to work with now wants to meet with you! Congratulations! Oh wait. What exactly does a meeting mean? What do they want to know? What if you say the wrong thing? OMG what should you wear? Here is the opportunity you’ve been looking for now turned into a mosh pit of anxiety. Hang on. Help is on the way. There’s no need to sweat. I’m Jeffrey Dreisbach and I am here to hold your hand and get you through this. Oh yeah! This is Casting Actors Cast. The podcast and video for actors from a casting director.

Common questions and answers most often asked:

1. What are the common questions most frequently asked?

a. Where from

b. Where did you train/study?

c. How did you become interested in performing?

d. Memorable performances?

e. Goals for your career (film, TV, stage)?

f. “Tell Me a little about yourself”

2. What is usually discussed during an interview

a. Items on your resume

b. People in the industry you might know

c. Special skills/additional interests

d. The agency’s philosophy and methodology

e. General exchange of common interests

3. What is the purpose of the meeting?

a. Mutual working relationship

b. Chemistry

c. Career potential

4. Questions not to ask

a. How many actors do you represent

b. How often will I get auditions?

c. What is your best success story

5. Questions to ask

a. Best way to stay in touch

b. Next steps

Making a good professional impression is the only point of a first meeting. Your accomplishments, career goals and potential are interpreted by the agent. Remember, it is just a meeting. Hopefully one of many to come.

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, NY

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