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Preparation to Performance

Air Date: 3/17/2022

Preparation to Performance

Most of the time, we can strike the right balance between being prepared which

then leads to a strong performance. Then, there are those times when we don't feel prepared, and that usually affects our performance in a “not so good” way. That is an awful feeling. It's no easy feat to embrace how we approach the work, and then, how we should perform it. Sound confusing? In this episode, let's look at the ways we can prepare ourselves for the audition which then becomes an accomplished performance. Preparation to performance on this episode of Casting Actors Cast.

First step: Preparation (perfectionism)

· Understand the objective (what needs to be done)

· Decide on the steps to take

· What tools make sense for the steps?

· Do the work

· Visualization of the outcome from the work (not the performance)

· Active decision to leave the work and focus on the performance

Second Step: Performance (Creative malleability)

· Don’t try to re-create the work (confidence in the perpetration)

· Trust your experience/talent

· New circumstances mean new opportunities to discover

· Free yourself from self-talk (concentration is key)

· In the moment is the same as new information/reactions

· Enjoy the performance.

In life, as well as in your acting feeling prepared and being prepared might mean two different things. Once you have the sense of accomplishment, it is now time to move into a performance. When you perform, all the work that you have put into your audition will pay off because you trust your training, you are in the moment, and you are fully aware. Preparation to performance is a process. Perfection, shifting into creativity, is the same thing.

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