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Make Virtual Musical Auditions Sing!

Make Virtual Musical Theatre Auditions Sing

We are slowly getting back to theatre casting. It’s exciting after a long, long holding pattern that we’ve all endured. Even musicals are being dusted off and gearing up for those venues that can support them. But guess what. Along with the good news comes some other issues. Looks like we will still be using Zoom for first round auditions! That means you might have to continue to use the technology…even for musicals! How do you make your musical auditions on zoom the best they can be? The answer is here. On this podio (podcast video) I will “vocalize” the way to Zoom yourself so you can book the gig! Don’t miss out on this content rich, extremely useful and practical episode of Casting Actors Cast, insights for actors from a Casting Director!


Actors’ connection mention

Common issues with musical auditions on Zoom

Poor sound all around (Accompaniment, Your mic, Visual elements)

The space to work in

Unprepared with sides/songs

Here are some practical ways to improve your musical auditions on Zoom

· Get the track and voice balance right (Bluetooth/speakers/Sound/Mic)

· Re-evaluate your book for variety and versatility (Music City)

· Frame yourself correctly for Zoom

· Light yourself right on Zoom

· Figure out the camera (Cell phone as webcame?)

· Have the best recording of your track made

· Be ready for a curve ball

· Shift the frame for side reading

· Rehearse the overall presentation (including technical steps)

· Be able to discuss you dancing skills honestly

Whatever the situation, on Zoom or in person, being totally prepared means, you will feel more confident, creative and, therefore, bookable! Make sure you have done everything you can technically when giving a virtual audition and you will make the musical audition process a positive experience for everyone…but mostly for you!

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