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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

“Lights, Camera, ACTION!”

Does this phrase make you nervous, excited, tense or maybe even happy? This phrase, when taken literally, is about you on a set, ready to act, ready to create through your character. As an actor, there is no better moment than hearing that phrase. Really. We’ll talk about that moment and also dissect the phrase into the perfect metaphor for your acting and your acting career. In this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the Podcast and video or Podio for actors!


Being on a movie or TV set

1) The waiting game

2) Feeling prepared; Recall the audition, breathe

3) Ready to work/constructive confidence

4) Re focus nerves into the right container

During the shoot

1) Multiple takes mean staying present

2) Don’t think more is better

3) Enjoy the rife (Why you wanted to do this in the first place)

It’s a Wrap

1) Professional courtesy

2) Exit stage right (don’t hang around)

3) Reward yourself/spread the word

The Metaphor:

Lights: Shine a light on where you are in your career right now

Camera: Know what tools you need to

accomplish the goals. See the purpose

Action: Make a plan, forward movement is the right direction. How to get it done

Whether you are on the set or planning on being on the set, it is a matter of having then trusting the tools while y

ou move forward with your acting career journey!


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