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Jeff's Jots-What is A Chemistry Read?

What is a “Chemistry Read”?

There are times when you might be asked to do a “Chemistry read”. Do you know what that really means? How do you prepare for it? What can you actually do to make this next step in the audition process work to your advantage? In today’s episode of Casting actors Cast, I will spell it out for you so that the next time you are asked to participate in a Chemistry Read, you will know exactly how to act with your acting while acting with another actor….

Chemistry read: Definition

Being pared with another actor to see if they are a good match for each other.

1) Physical appearance

2) Acting choices

3) That special something that makes the relationship compelling.

Common issues with working with another actor in a chemistry read

1) Need for immediate connection detracts from the work

2) Unwilling participant (Different point of view)

3) Your

inner voice is a third participant

How to make a chemistry read work

1) Remove expectations and outcomes

2) Find empathy n the other character

3) Connect with something about the other actor (looks, personality etc.)

4) Be receptive to the other actors’ choices without compromise

What if it feels like it isn’t working?

1) Make your

choices work

without their influence

2) Become passive or active depending on the character

3) Always keep you sense of humor

Remember that a chemistry read is only a moment in time and be careful not to hold judgement against another actor. Ask yourself if you have done everything you can to make moments happen in the scene. Professionalism is the key and a sense of humor is an added bonus. Take the work you put into the scene seriously, then let go of any projected outcome. Embrace the spontaneity that this unique type of audition can provide and do your best to let go of results. The journey is so much more fun when you can enjoy the creative ride rather than control it.


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